Jive Photographic Productions


They say, a successful photographer has a ‘good eye’. James Ingram has two really good eyes, and possibly two more on the back of his head, just to keep tabs on his teenage sons and his 3-year old.

So how does a kid who grew up wanting to be the principal’s least favourite comedian, a professional golfer, and a philosopher – wind up being an award-winning photographer and videographer?

Blame it on the dogs: Getting a dog. Then another dog and a mortgage. Followed by going to the dogs.

His wife also gave him his first camera and three flaxen haired children. But the gift of a camera was timely. Lifting one’s self up, by looking through a lens instead of the bottom of a glass.

And the Ingram home is full of mementoes from worldly travels and award shows. Never one to boast – you’ll see a crystal Ice Award or an Atlantic Journalism Award as a bookend, holding up the complete collection of Dr. Seuss.

Today – stunning, mindful photographs grace design magazines, marketing campaigns, drool-worthy cookbooks, corporate annual reports, and travel publications.

And not one to sit on his laurels, always up to work on something new, and passionate about moving pictures, James started a video production company – Jive Photographic Productions.


But what one takes away when looking at James Ingram’s work, is the honest soulfulness of the eyes. The eyes staring back from a portrait – and the eyes behind the camera – capturing life at once raw and triumphant.

The eyes are slightly crinkled at the corner now. Those are laugh lines.